1. Cyberstone helps companies with GDPR cybersecurity requirements

    GDPR compliance is a bear. Let’s face it. However, like anything else in life, if you whittle it down into more manageable chunks, it doesn’t have to be nearly as daunting. Cyberstone helps companies with the cybersecurity requirements under Article 32 which include: GDPR Requirement Cyberstone …Read More

  2. Three Critical Security Factors

    At midnight on July 13th, one of the largest clinical labs in the Unites States, LabCorp, fell victim to a Samsam ransomware attack conducted via brute force RDP attack. Thanks to LabCorp’s Security Operations Center (SOC), a data breach was prevented, and the ransomware was contained within 50 mi…Read More

  3. Are you half awake?

    “Compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake. We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources.” The author of this quote is the founding father of modern psychology, William James. Cyberstone employees found the quote in Dale Carnegie’s transc…Read More

  4. Homomorphic encryption: Closing the data-in-use security gap

    Over last two decades, companies have protected data in transit with VPNs, HTTPS, and TLS. Those same companies have also protected data at rest with various file-level and whole-disk encryption technologies. For data in transit, your browser or VPN software contacts a web or VPN server, they negoti…Read More

  5. How do cyber criminals get away with it?

    In a word, anonymity. A slew of privacy technique are allowing cyber criminals to buy and sell stolen private information relatively unscathed in most cases. HTTPS encryption has been around for about a couple decades now . The problem for criminals, though, is when they try to access a web-based re…Read More

  6. DDoS Facepalm

    Every company runs into a disgruntled ex-employee at some time or another. If you’re doing security well, you have a well-documented set of policies and procedures for locking accounts and freezing access after an employee is terminated. That’s if you’re doing security well, and most companies…Read More

  7. Why do companies keep getting hacked?

    It seems like every single day we hear about another data breach. These events don’t seem to be isolated to small business, large business, healthcare, retail, or any other category. Everybody is a target these days. The reason for this is because data = money. Yes… Data = money. Some data is wo…Read More