1. Shimming is the new skimming

    “Shimming is the new skimming”, according to a Better Business Bureau (BBB) post last week. What’s this all about? Credit card skimmers were and still are molded plastic overlays that criminals place around point-of-sale (POS) terminals. They steal magnetic card information from unsuspecting c…Read More

  2. Efficiency

    Your time. It’s precious to you, so it’s important to us. That’s why at Cyberstone we’ve created a set of templated cybersecurity pro service SKUs. These SKUs enable us to rapidly turn around proposals for you. During each discovery call, we map your customer’s needs to the appropriate SKU…Read More

  3. Social Engineering Fraud Endorsement

    Imagine this scenario. Someone from another state sends you a bid request via email for about $50k worth of ink toner and promises that the winning bidder will get more business to come. In excitement, you put together a quote and email it back. A few days later, you get the email you hoped for; you…Read More

  4. Cyber Risk Bootcamp Video Now Available!

    Many thanks to partner Cooperative Systems in Connecticut for putting on a Cyber Risk Bootcamp event. The event at The Hartford Club on February 15th was eye-opening for attendees and presenters alike. We all learned that cyber risk needs to be addressed through (1) good upfront engineering with sec…Read More

  5. Federal Cyber Workforce Talent Shortage

    The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) admits to a massive skill shortage in "information technology, cybersecurity and other cyberrelated work roles." Given that government systems and data are specific targets of enemy nation states, we're glad the OPM at least realizes there's an …Read More

  6. Boeing gets hit with WannaCry Ransomware attack

    ANOTHER. GIANT. FALLS. Boeing’s massive east coast operations center in Charleston, SC was just hammered with the same ransomware that caused global bedlam last spring. It’s shocking that we’re still hearing about WannaCry ransomware a full year after the critical vulnerability was discovered …Read More