Join us for a discussion on the role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the option of outsourcing the CISO role (CISO as a Service).

Moderated by Daniel J. Haurey, President, Exigent Technologies with guests, Cybersecurity Regulatory Consultant, Jeff Miller, and Michael Feldman, Esq., OlenderFeldman LLP.

Some of the regulations mentioned include HIPAA, GDPR, and DFS 23 NYCRR 500.

Questions Addressed Include:

  • What is a CISO and what is a CISO responsible for?
  • The salary range for a FT CISO in the NY Tri-State area?
  • Information about CIPP Certification The current state of the cybersecurity regulatory environment
  • How does an organization know when it’s time to create the CISO role or employ the services of a CISO?
  • What are some of the cybersecurity-related regulations that would require the services of a CISO?
  • What is CISO as a Service?
  • Are there any cybersecurity regulations that you know of that would prohibit you from using a per-diem CISO, Part-time CISO, or CISO as a service?
  • In the event of a substantial security breach at a regulated company, such as a health care provider or financial services firm, what are some of the things a CISO might responsible for?