The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) admits to a massive skill shortage in “information technology, cybersecurity and other cyberrelated work roles.” Given that government systems and data are specific targets of enemy nation states, we’re glad the OPM at least realizes there’s an issue.

To keep a beat on the issue, the OPM is requiring federal agencies to report annually through 2022 on the status of workers in these roles.

OPM calls out these specific root causes leading to shortages in the federal government’s cyber workforce:

  • Talent pipeline,
  • Recruitment and outreach,
  • Hiring,
  • Retention,
  • Development and training,
  • Performance management, and
  • Resources and budget.

Cybersecurity is most effective when addressed by a non-biased, objective third party. Why hasn’t the OPM considered outsourcing cyber talent much like the DoD contracts with Raytheon and Boeing for military contracts?

OPM, we can help!