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Healthcare Cybersecurity

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HIPAA is a huge regulation, but it doesn’t have to be scary. The HIPAA Security Rule is only nine pages long and it is written in plain English. The goal of HIPAA is to reduce risk to protected health information (PHI), but many organizations don’t know where to begin when it comes to compliance. At Cyberstone, we make it easy and affordable to keep your data safe and secure, no matter the size of your healthcare organization. We do this by establishing a risk baseline, developing a game plan for remediation or improvement, and following through on our action items in order to reduce security gaps and ensure that your data is protected. Contact the Cyberstone team to learn more about investing in healthcare cybersecurity.

Common Cybersecurity Challenges for Healthcare Providers:

  • Malware and ransomware
  • Cloud security weaknesses
  • Lookalike websites designed to capture sensitive information
  • Email phishing schemes
  • Ineffective or outdated encryption
  • Inadequate employee training

The Cyberstone team can help you address all of these challenges, and more.

Cyberstone Will Help You

Train Staff to Spot Threats

Keep Up With Regulations

Avoiding Data Breaches

Identify Existing Security Gaps

HIPAA Protection Requirements

The Security Rule states that covered entities and business associates must “conduct an accurate and thorough assessment of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information.” Cyberstone can help healthcare organizations meet this requirement by performing both risk and vulnerability assessments.

The Security Rule also requires rock-solid written information security policies (also called plans). Some of the required policies are (1) sanction plan, (2) incident response plan, (3) data backup plan, and (4) data backup plan. Organizations not only have to have these policies in place, but they should also be updated every time there’s a significant change to the organization chart or the technology within the environment. For example, if there is a restructuring of departments, a merger, an acquisition, a move to the cloud, or the implementation of a new ERP system, policies should be updated to reflect the new environment.

HIPAA Training Requirements

HIPAA-regulated organizations are also required to train all staff, including management, on security best practices. Cyberstone proudly offers a completely online training platform that addresses this HIPAA need while also taking it a step further. We ensure employees are trained, but we also test them with periodic email phishing to see how effective the training is and if there are opportunities for retraining specific employees. If we find opportunities to help your employees improve their security hygiene, we’ll provide you with actionable, easy-to-understand solutions.

Even if a company is already HIPAA compliant, cybersecurity needs are recurring in nature. Compliance today doesn’t mean compliance tomorrow or next year. It’s an ongoing process and Cyberstone is here to guide organizations through changes at the local and federal levels. We understand that your organization has needs other than healthcare cybersecurity — let us handle your security needs so that you can focus on helping your clients.

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Your healthcare organization has access to a wealth of sensitive information that shouldn’t be put at risk. At Cyberstone, our mission is to make top-of-the-line cybersecurity services accessible to everyone, no matter how large or small the organization. Whether your company needs in-depth staff training or a top-to-bottom security overhaul, you can count on our team for guidance and support today, tomorrow, and every time healthcare industry regulations are updated.

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