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Insurance Cybersecurity

Proudly Offering Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Services for Insurance Companies

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Is Your Insurance Company Protected?

In a recent study commissioned by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYS DFS), only 14% of CEOs receive monthly briefings on information security. Another NYS DFS finding is that only 44% of insurers report conducting annual penetration testing, a critical component necessary to identifying weaknesses and exposures. Lastly, 42% of insurers report that they experienced cybersecurity breaches in the last three years. Simply put, insurance companies, in general, have massive gaps to fill before they can say their security posture is effective. If you’re wondering where your company stands, or if you would like to take the first steps toward a safer, more secure future, contact Cyberstone today.

Cyberstone Can Help You

Identify security gaps that put your company at risk

Avoid client data breaches and reputational damage

Protect your company from regulatory action, fines, and other consequences

Develop ongoing defense strategies that minimize future risk

Invest in Cybersecurity Measures That Safeguard the Future

Our mission is to help insurance companies close both compliance and security gaps. It starts with creating a risk baseline. From there, we make recommendations based on a company’s unique risks and potential gaps with respect to security best practices. Finally, we can help with the ongoing need to test the effectiveness of technical controls through annual penetration testing.

Cyberstone has performed hundreds of cybersecurity projects for insurance companies. Being located in New York State, we have become intimately familiar with 23 NYCRR 500. This is a groundbreaking new cybersecurity regulation applicable to insurance agents, brokers, and underwriters. This cutting-edge regulation is soon going to find its way into other states and when it does, we’ll be prepared.

Why Choose Cyberstone?

At Cyberstone, our mission is to become the top cybersecurity company and channel partner in the world. We’ve set our goals high because we know that we can meet and exceed them, and it all comes down to our innovative approach. Instead of limiting ourselves to one location or vertical, we’ve partnered with nationwide channel partners to provide top-of-the-line security services to companies in every sector.

When it comes to the insurance industry, getting hacked means more than losing a few sensitive emails or valuable company information — it often means fines, lawsuits, and reputational damage from which your company may not recover. We know that the risks are high, and that’s why we take the time to keep our team trained and up-to-date on the latest laws, regulations, and developments in the cybersecurity industry.

Unlike many other cybersecurity companies, we’re able to offer extremely competitive pricing by cutting out the need for a direct sales force. Between our affordable rates, experienced team, and full-spectrum services, we think working with Cyberstone is an easy choice.

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Customers purchase insurance to mitigate the risk of an adverse outcome occurring, and we recommend that you do the same. As an experienced cybersecurity company, we’ve seen far too many companies invest in cybersecurity services only after sensitive data has been stolen or their systems have been compromised. Instead of taking action after you’ve suffered a loss, take action now and safeguard your future.

Our team is standing by to help your insurance company evaluate current security protocols and develop action-oriented plans that safeguard the future and provide stakeholders, executives, and other key personnel with peace of mind.

Reach out to our team today to discuss your company’s needs.

Why Choose Us?

Cyberstone offers competitive pricing to end users because we don’t carry the burden of a direct sales force. By leveraging our channel partners located all around the United States, we solve the needs of companies in any vertical, geographic location, and regulatory environment.

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