Is Your Retail Business in Compliance With Recent Laws and Regulations?

No matter what kind of retail business you run, you’re committed to providing your customers with exceptional service and value every time they shop with you. With many retailers providing their services online and through outdated technology, cybersecurity threats are a real and imminent threat to your ongoing success. All it takes is one publicized security breach to erode trust and drive customers to your competitors — is your organization’s security protocol where it needs to be?

At Cyberstone, we help retailers comply with PCI DSS through penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and cybersecurity maturity assessments specifically tailored to PCI requirements. We can help you shine a light on areas of risk or non-compliance, so you can make the necessary adjustments. This will help you maintain compliance and reduce the likelihood of being hacked or suffering a data breach.

If you don’t know where to start or are in over your head with other IT projects, we can help. Even if you have an established cybersecurity vendor, we still may be able to help. It’s best practice to rotate security vendors every 2-3 years to ensure objectivity. Perhaps it’s time to make the switch.

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