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Core Values

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Cyberstone: Security and Integrity

Core Values are the fundamental building blocks of any organizations’ culture. At Cyberstone, our culture must help us to execute our mission and support our overall vision of being the best channel partner in the world. We have 5 core values which are listed and defined below.

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Our Team Has More Than 165 Years of Experience. What Else Do We Offer?

  • Versatile professionals
  • A team experienced in all aspects of security
  • A team knowledgeable in all major cybersecurity laws and regulations
  • A commitment to results-oriented technical resources
  • A vision to improve business operations and profitability


At Cyberstone, we believe that effort and tenacity matter. We will never lose for lack of hard work. We are committed to going the extra mile in all things we do. We all have a do-whatever-it-takes attitude. Personal sacrifice for the greater good of the mission is rewarded and provides us with a sense of fulfillment. We are not afraid to work; we crave it.


At Cyberstone, we always do the right thing – even when no one is watching. We recognize the work we do is very sensitive and we refuse to violate ethical boundaries that would cause harm to our partners, their clients, our company, or our team. We admit our mistakes when we are wrong knowing that we learn from failures. We work tirelessly to build trust with our partners through acts of generosity, remaining humble and vulnerable, welcoming feedback, and establishing mutual accountability.


At Cyberstone, we consider our team to be family. We rejoice and celebrate wins and we rally to fight challenges together. Our reseller partners are also family. We treat them like we would our mothers and fathers; with respect and love. We treat them like we would our children; with the intent to educate them, motivate them, and position them for success. We also recognize the importance of our actual families. We promote a flexible work environment so that our employees can be as great at home as they are at work.


At Cyberstone, we believe that everyone plays a critical part in the pursuit of common purpose. No one role or duty is considered more important than the rest. Everyone must do their unique part. We will be supportive of each other and rally to conquer the most frightening of challenges. We will celebrate our successes with regular recognition of individual and team achievements. We will remain humble and do the things we dislike to do, knowing that it benefits the team as a whole. We will communicate in direct and honest terms with each other. Criticism must be constructive in nature and never disrespectful. We will not be afraid to ask for help, and we will not be afraid to give help.


At Cyberstone, we believe that resources (time, money, and human capital) are precious commodities and must be consumed with extreme focus on accomplishing the mission. “Busy work” and corporate processes that are layered with “red tape” obstacles are for losers. We will always challenge the thought that “we do it this way because that’s how it’s always been done.” We look to eliminate waste and distractions in any and all forms.

Our Vision Is To Be The Best Channel Partner In The World.

​At Cyberstone, we truly believe we can accomplish this. But how? Cyberstone relies on channel partners across North America to bring cybersecurity services to companies in all vertical markets. Let’s face it: our trusted, local IT partners understand the unique needs and nuances facing their clients. Cyberstone relies on these relationships to expand its footprint. On the other hand, IT companies rely on Cyberstone to be an objective third-party security firm to help their clients minimize risk, maximize compliance, and avoid ending up on the 6 o’clock news.

​Our mission is to provide repeatable, templated cybersecurity services backed by strong pre-sales, sales, and marketing support.

To be the best channel partner in the world, we incorporate our mission statement into the everyday fabric of what we do.

​We’ve spent countless hours distilling the various regulations (HIPAA, PCI, SOX, GLBA, and so on) into their commonalities. We’ve determined that the NIST framework covers what each of these regulations is saying. Protect the data. Minimize risk. Know the threats. Have defenses in place. Document your plan. Train your employees.

Our approach is to offer a limited set of cybersecurity professional services SKUs that will accomplish the goals above. By limiting the number of SKUs we offer, we are able to create consistent output. Reporting from one security engineer will look the same as reporting from another engineer. Timelines are better estimated. Milestones are not missed. We’ve found that by being overly-opportunistic, other security organizations tend to get outside their wheelhouse and the output becomes sloppy. Our templated approach ensures consistency and quality; every time.

Tom Watson, founder of IBM, is quoted as saying “Every day at IBM was a day devoted to business development, not doing business.” This has become a sacred utterance in the halls of Cyberstone. We spend time every single week to improving our processes, reducing double data entry, enhancing reporting, and increasing efficiencies.

Clients are worried about getting hacked. They want to be compliant with security regulations. They don’t like the idea of fines, data theft, and lost reputation due to a breach. Cyberstone’s sole purpose is to alleviate these concerns and bring assurance to business owners and IT managers through trusted IT partners.

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Cyberstone offers competitive pricing to end users because we don’t carry the burden of a direct sales force. By leveraging our channel partners located all around the United States, we solve the needs of companies in any vertical, geographic location, and regulatory environment.

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