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Internal & External Penetration Testing

Help Your Customers Pinpoint and Address Security Vulnerabilities

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Minimize Risk and Keep Sensitive Information Secure

Cyberstone’s internal and external penetration testing services help your customers find areas of weakness in their technical environment. Beyond vulnerability discovery, we will actively attempt to exploit any discovered weaknesses using real-world techniques such as privilege escalation, traffic sniffing, custom scripts, and exploitation toolkits.

Cybersecurity regulations and best practices are not static — previously secure systems and protocols are outdated quickly, and it’s vital to ensure that your customers are staying current. Cyberstone’s penetration testing services will help your customers comply with the following regulations:

  • PCI Requirement 11.3.1 & 11.3.2
  • New York State Department of Financial Services 23 NYCRR 500 §500.05(a)(1)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act §501(b)
  • Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 314 §314.4

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It’s not enough to simply invest in firewalls, endpoint protection software, and other security measures. These are good measures to take, but it’s important to pinpoint and address internal and external security vulnerabilities before taking additional measures.

The goal of internal and external penetration testing is to answer the question, “How easily could a hacker access private data on my systems?”

Also known as pen testing, internal and external penetration tests are crucial to the ongoing success of any company. More importantly, they’re an essential element of any successful cybersecurity program your customers implement in order to keep their data safe. External penetration testing provides an understanding of how external assets such as email platforms, websites, and shared files can allow unwanted access to sensitive information; internal penetration testing provides an understanding of how an intruder could navigate through an organization’s internal systems and sensitive, internally stored information.

Cyberstone carries out internal and external penetration testing according to the globally-recognized NIST SP-800 115 standard. Phases of penetration testing are listed below.

  1. Establish rules of engagement
  2. Attack surface reconnaissance
  3. Exploitation
  4. Analysis and reporting
  5. Closeout meeting

Once we’re finished, your customers will have a thorough understanding of their infrastructure’s internal and external risk factors.

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Given the financial and reputational costs of dealing with a breach of information, it’s important to work with a cybersecurity company that puts your needs first and provides comprehensive security assessments with actionable solutions. We work with businesses in a wide range of sectors and provide unique, customized assessments that provide your customers and their clients with peace of mind.

Cyberstone Security offers competitive pricing by leveraging a network of channel partners across the United States. No matter where you are or what you do, you can count on our team to provide you with the absolute best in cybersecurity services.

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Cyberstone offers competitive pricing to end users because we don’t carry the burden of a direct sales force. By leveraging our channel partners located all around the United States, we solve the needs of companies in any vertical, geographic location, and regulatory environment.

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