1. Why You Should Work With a Cybersecurity Company

    What comes to mind when you hear the words “security breach”? If you’re like most people, then you probably think of one of the many examples of notable companies getting hacked and millions of people’s data being put at risk. While data loss is certainly enough of a reason in and of itself …Read More

  2. Strengthening your cybersecurity plan

    The goal of this article is to help you improve your cybersecurity plan. By implementing even one or two of the suggestions in this article, you’ll be taking a step toward reducing the likelihood of data loss, downtime, reputation damage, and lost revenue. Proactively enhancing your cybersecurity …Read More

  3. The Offense of Positivity

    Gary Vaynerchuk recently said, “I want to be on the offense of positivity.” There is so much negative noise on TV, on the radio, and on social media. But it’s not true that negativity is more commonplace than positivity, just that those with a negative voice are speaking more frequently and lo…Read More

  4. True or False: We’re in the cloud, so compliance is a non-issue.

    False! A move to the cloud may make sense, especially if you don’t have an in-house IT staff or if you do but they’re taxed with current projects. Afterall, you don’t have to patch the cloud, restart it, or implement redundancies. All of those things are taken care of by the smart folks at Mic…Read More

  5. 2019 – The Year of Cyber Change for Insurance Professionals

    Background It’s time for insurance professionals to embrace change in today’s digital world. Change helps us grow. It offers new opportunities. It allows us to better relate to customers. According to a recent insurance survey by Ernst & Young, customers are increasingly looking to work with…Read More

  6. Cyberstone is on a mission for 100 partners!

    We are on a mission to get 100 partners by the end of this year. WHY? Because we are dedicated to cybersecurity and growth. Since we opened our doors in November of 2017 we have 68 partners in over 30 different states across the United States. We are one of the fastest growing cybersecurity channel …Read More

  7. Partner GoToWebinar Training Webinars

    To accommodate our growing base of partners, we have moved from individual GoToMeeting training sessions to monthly GoToWebinar training webinars. Sales trainings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month. Trainings will always start at 1:30pm ET. The topics covered are: - Discuss relation…Read More

  8. Do I Really Need Disk Encryption as a Covered Entity Under HIPAA?

    In a word, yes. HIPAA section 164.308 requires covered entities to “implement security measures sufficient to reduce risks and vulnerabilities to a reasonable and appropriate level.” Is it reasonable to have employees potentially leaving unencrypted laptops in the back seats of taxi cabs with pr…Read More